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67711Re: Built Peaberry SDRs available

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  • ji1udd
    Aug 17, 2012
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      Hi David,

      According to your advice, I joined this group.

      As you know, I've already build my Peaberry and
      now I'm trying to setup some SDR software.

      Although I thought that my Peaberry worked perfectly with HDSDR,
      transmitting operation in phone mode seems to work not perfectly.

      eg. in USB mode, Lo=14.290MHz Tune=14.300MHz, Mic=1kHz sine wave,
      then RF output appears at both 14.299MHz and 14.301MHz.

      In CW mode, there is no image output (a little bit image exactly).

      Since a setup of HDSDR may be mistaken,
      I will check it tomorrow.

      If someone knows the solution, please let me know.

      73 Takashi/JI1UDD

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, David Turnbull <dturnbull@...> wrote:
      > Good Afternoon,
      > I have a few 40m/30m/20m Peaberry SDRs built and tested in the store
      > right now. I constructed these by hand by opening a few kits and
      > following my own directions. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to do
      > this. The SMT work goes fast, but the coils are time consuming.
      > http://AE9RB.com
      > I just started getting reports of folks successfully completing the
      > kit as of a few days ago. Nobody had issues with the PSoC or PCM3060!
      > Even so, I'm now offering the option to have these parts installed
      > before I ship the kit.
      > If your Peaberry radio has 1kHz USB spurs on the center of 30m, I have
      > new firmware for you. The spurs won't hurt anything so no rush to
      > upgrade. There currently aren't any outstanding issues and I've been
      > doing a lot of testing on the air with MEPT_JT over the past few
      > weeks. So I think the current release of firmware is pretty solid.
      > Software compatibility turns out to be less troublesome than I
      > expected. The Peaberry sound cards are USB audio, coded to the
      > official spec, and use drivers written by the OS vendor (Microsoft,
      > Apple, et al) so you don't have to suffer with junk drivers or defer
      > OS upgrades. This appears to have been a good choice as I have reports
      > of HDSDR, WSPR, SDR#, DSP Radio, and even PowerSDR working.
      > 73 David AE9RB
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