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67654Re: [softrock40] Re: UPDATE - 5V rail issues, or lack of it, on Ensemble RX II

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  • loudcrowd+nlewis
    Aug 16, 2012

      Thanks for all the input, I have some capacitors already on order and should be with me today. I will get that one replaced and see if there it makes any difference, I will also make up another cable and try another sound card that I have here then I will have a look at doing some surgery on the Si570 to see if it is a solder issue. I will post back when I have been able to do these tasks.

      Many Thanks

      Neal. G1UQK


      On 16.08.2012 07:50, Alan wrote:


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      Subject: RE: [softrock40] Re: UPDATE - 5V rail issues, or lack of it, on Ensemble RX II

      >It is a built in Realtek High Definition Audio device


      This should be OK.

      > if I go to the balance control of the Line In it is only registering sound on one channel, I can increase or decrease the volume
      > of one channel and it has no effect even though when I plug an Ipod amp into the receiver I get sound from both channels,

      This could be a cable problem.

      .>To get an idea what I mean have a look at the video I took at www.tlcc.co.uk/files I have also put a few hires pics of the board
      plus a screenshot of the Test tab in CFGSR.

      All that is needed is said here. "No Si570 connected" Check the soldering of the Si570, particularly pins 7/8. Make sure there is
      not too much solder here, the small contacts each side of centre must not be soldered.
      C34 might be a problem. If the Si570 looks good then replace this first. I'm sure Ebay will produce some. Like

      Or a kit of them, once you get into SMD you'll wonder why you did not before.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ



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