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67626Re: [softrock40] IQ Generator for Softrocks etc.

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  • Sylvain AZARIAN
    Aug 15, 2012

      A dedicated page with downloads for binary + code is available on my blog (www.f4gkr.org)
      The makefile is the one I used for compile under windows with MinGW/Msys. It contains links to my paths for FLTK libraries and will certainly have to be rewritten for Linux compile (there are specific defines for Windows FLTK apps compile)

      Let me know if you have troubles 
      F4GKR sylvain

      2012/8/15 Sylvain AZARIAN <sylvain.azarian@...>
      Hi Thomas,

      It should... I will post something on my blog with the link to source code today.
      I'll write an email to let you know when done.

      have a nice day
      73 Sylvain F4GKR

      2012/8/14 Thomas Horsten <thomas@...>

      Hi Sylvian,

      I'd like the source so I see if I can get it to work on Linux!

      73, Thomas M0TRN

      On 10 August 2012 14:50, Sylvain AZARIAN <sylvain.azarian@...> wrote:

      Hi group,

      Trying to have my custom SDR transmitter working, I developped a small windows application to generate IQ signals over soundcard.
      This application can be downloaded from a link at the very end of this post :

      it works under Windows 7 "all flavors" (32 & 64 bits) and windows XP.
      The application is compiled using GCC and relies on FLTK + portaudio for sound card interface.

      There is no install program or whatever, everything comes in the ZIP file (executable + Gnu DLLs)

      I have not posted the source code because it was quick & dirty coding... but if someone wants it... well let me know ;-)

      Have fun with it !

      sylvain F4GKR

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