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66150Re: Inexpensive USB sound cards that work (of not) with Rocky

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  • ae9rb
    Jul 1, 2012
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      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "warrenallgyer" <allgyer@...> wrote:
      > Griffin iMic - Seems to work well with basic drivers that automatically install when you plug it in. Can be had for $20 but can be hard to find.

      The iMic has some good programming in it. It's a fully adaptive audio device, as opposed to unsynchronized or sof synchronous. My only complaint is that it makes a lot of ADC noise when you tap or even touch the device. At least on the example I own. It's the kind of noise you can usually eliminate with better caps, but I haven't dug into the problem.

      Rocky is a difficult program. I programed a PSoC with a PCM3060 to act as a perfectly synchronous 24-bit sound card and Rocky still cackles and visually locks up every so often. I've tried it with a variety of sound cards yielding varying results, none of which good enough that I would trust it on the air.

      73 David AE9RB
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