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64340Re: Ensemble Kit and Intimidation From Nubee

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  • PJ
    May 2, 2012
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      Some things I found to be very very helpful during my build.

      I had read somewhere that a cake pan with 1" sides was good to corral those flying parts... it damn sure is let me tell you! I got mine (18" x 24") at Costco for about $7.00

      A fixture of some sort to hold that PCB in place so both hands are free is a gods send. I built mine but they are available at reasonable cost; very handy.

      A toothpick or some other sort of 'hold down' to 'clamp' those pesky SMTs in place is indispencible.

      And magnification is a must evfen if you see well because you will want to check every solder joint and connection for splashes and bridges and cold joints. I use a large 6" magnifying glass that is part of my articulated lamp but I have a cheap headband type also for those 'closeup' jobs.

      Lastly I love the temp controlled iron I got from Fry's for about $25.00.

      Now get going... I love the Softrock 40-R; a completely new dimension in listening to CW. I hear signals that my Icom wont pull out of the mud. I'm starting on an Ensemble RXTX in a few days and I have a Cube in the works. I can't stop, I can't stop, Help me, I can't stop!!! LOL
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