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64313Re: [softrock40] Re: Ensemble Kit and Intimidation From Nubee

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  • Sid Boyce
    May 1, 2012
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      Advice given earlier - a decent pair of tweezers is very important.
      You are the lucky one as many of us have never found components once they were launched.

      I thought I saw where a 3.3V regulator had landed on my large antistatic mat on my desk but I have never found it.

      I found a pair of curved tweezers in the company's toolkit, obviously of quality and I've never lost a component since when building an array of SMD kits like 2 Mobos, 2 SR63ng's, 2 UHFSDR's, 2 SDR-Widgets, si570 Controllers, UBW's and a SDR2GO.
      73 ... Sid.

      On 01/05/12 17:30, PJ wrote:

      I had been out of ham radio and electronics for over 20 years when I came back to it a couple monyhs ago. I'm also retired. I became completely taken by SDR and purchased a Softrock 40-R. I also had had no experience with SMT devices. I took about a week to get it done as I had to purchase some supplies and a soldering iron, etc. After a few 'flying' component searches and a lot of confidence building I found it to be as relaxing as back in the days of 'regular' components in HeathKit kits.

      Point is to relax and give it a go. You'll very soon get the hang of doing SMT and if you are careful and meticulous it will fall into place quickly.

      PJ Hicks, N7PXY

      Sid Boyce ... Hamradio License G3VBV, Licensed Private Pilot
      Emeritus IBM/Amdahl Mainframes and Sun/Fujitsu Servers Tech Support
      Senior Staff Specialist, Cricket Coach
      Microsoft Windows Free Zone - Linux used for all Computing Tasks
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