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6366Re: [softrock40] Re: Made a QSO with SDR exciter

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  • Bill Tracey
    Oct 2, 2006
      Comments in line below.

      At 07:40 PM 10/2/2006, Terry wrote:
      >Bill, could you provide some guidance? Thanks in advance for helping
      >with this. I am busy digesting the SDR-1000 manual, but can no
      >longer transmit properly. Feel free to communicate directly
      >(tfox@...) if you think this is off-topic here.
      > I've looked through the SDR-100 manual now, and am still puzzled. I
      >have gone backwards, in that I can't seem to change the transmit
      >frequency anymore. I am using the Soft Rock exciter, not an SDR-1000.
      >1. After playing a lot with the sound card controls, it appears that
      >changing sound card input/output/mixer selections only affects the
      >SDR software the next time PowerSDR is started. Is that correct,
      >that these selections cannot happen "on the fly"?

      Don't really know. I'd think hitting the Power button on the console would
      cause it to change sound devices.

      >2. Is there any way to use the same COM port for both PTT out and
      >keyer input?

      I think it should work, but I've never set it up myself so cannot say for
      sure. Will try and set it up here and fix the code if it can't be done.

      >3. Is there a way to select one sound card for the IF/RF (tx & rx
      >audio), and a different sound card for receive audio to speakers (and
      >mic input for eventual SSB)? Would VAC enable me to do that? I have
      >an Audigy 4 ZS Notebook (PCMCIA card) for RF sampling, and the
      >motherboard sound card could be used for listening to receive audio.
      >I haven't messed with VAC yet. That would avoid having to plu &
      >unplug stuff between Tx and Rx.

      I think this can be done with VAC. Quite sure it cannot be done without it.

      >4. After my first QSO, I haven't had any more luck. It appears that
      >no matter where in the 48kHz band I select to listen, the transmit
      >audio is the same tone as the TUN tone. I thought it had been
      >changing frequency, but now it's not. This is verified with a scope
      >and listening on a separate rig. Both the DDS and VFO locks are
      >off. What stupid thing am I doing wrong?

      No idea on this one -- any chance the hardware configuration has changed
      and the code thinks it has an SDR 1000 attached?

      >I think that's it for now.
      >Thanks again.
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