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6357Re: [softrock40] Made a QSO with SDR exciter

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  • Terry Fox
    Oct 1, 2006
      Thanks Bill.  I got the Tx control via DTR working before the QSO, but I had two other issues - both related to using a laptop on my bench.
      The first issue is having to plug and unplug the audio out from laptop sound card to exciter.  In receive I needed it unplugged to hear the receive signal on the laptop speakers.  In transmit, I needed to plug it in so the IF audio gets to the exciter.  I have two sound cards in the laptop, the internal one and an Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA card.  I use the Audigy for receiving, but I cannot seem to get the PowerSDR to use the Audigy for transmit.  Once I figure that out, I no longer need to change the cable, and can use the internal sound card for hearing the receiver.
      The second issue is that once I used COM1 for the PTT, I couldn't get PowerSDR to also use COM1 for a key input.  Therefore, I had to use keyboard typing for the QSO.  This leads to a carrier always on whenever the keyboard buffer is empty (or if Iambic is enabled, continuous dots and dashes being transmitted).  Can one use the same COM port for both PTT out and keyer in?  I haven't figured out that magic yet.
      I admit that while I printed out the over 200 pages of PowerSDR manual, I only read a minimum to get it running so far.  I am reading more as I can now, however.
      Thanks for the response, and thanks for helping make this a fun project.
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      Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 9:47 PM
      Subject: Re: [softrock40] Made a QSO with SDR exciter

      Congrats Terry.

      Guess I forgot to post on how the Tx/Rx changeover can be seutp --
      PowerSDR can use a serial port on the PC to control the SoftRock T/R switching

      To set it up, you will need to go into Setup->CAT and Enable PTT Control
      on that page, by selecting a port and checking RTS as the pin to use.

      The comm port will be setup such that:

      DTR - T/R out positive = Xmit, negative=Recv -- this goes the SoftRock
      T/R line

      RTS - will be tied positive

      CTS - PTT in -- pull high to xmit.

      If PowerSDR insists upon going into MOX when you start it you will need to
      start it with a --ignore-pp- ptt option to get it to ignore the parallel port.

      You can also hook a key to the Serial port and use PowerSDR's keyer --
      I'll have to look around a bit and find the docs on the wiring for that.


      Bill (kd5tfd)

      At 08:15 PM 10/1/2006, Terry wrote:
      >Well, I have added myself to those who actually made a QSO using Tony's
      >new exciter. At 855PM this evening, I was able to talk with WU9F in
      >Madison, WI (his name is also Terry). My RST was only 449, but it came
      >up during the QSO. Madison on 1/2 watt from Charleston, SC isn't too
      >bad for a first-time contact.
      >Now, if only I can figure out PowerSDR with my laptop (keying and turn-
      >around of audio is a pain). Tx/Rx changeover was a lot of fun!!

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