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62312Re: Raspberry PI stand alone SDR

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  • Dave
    Mar 1 1:45 PM
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      AFIK, looking at the hardware spec's.

      It has on board stereo sound OUTPUT, but no sound INPUT of any sort. So,
      would need an external (USB?) device, and all the fun and games that

      I to was wondering about the posibility of using the (otherwise
      redundant) GPU to process a data stream from a dual channel ADC, or sound
      codec chip attached to the GPIO port, but if the GPU is "closed", that
      makes it unlikely any of that will happen. Sadly.

      I've registered my interest in the R'Pi with Farnell in the UK, will see
      what happens if/when I get one. I have other potential uses for one in
      any case. None of them involving Video, HDMI or otherwise!


      Dave G0WBX.
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