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6113Re: [softrock40] Use of DDS-60

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  • richard
    Sep 18, 2006
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      ian mcphedran wrote:
      > Hi Tom, I am trying to build a dds-60 using a 230v Hexacon SMD
      > soldering iron I bought in the U.K. from a supplier of SMD parts who
      > no longer is in business. The tip is o.k. for most smd things but the
      > 28 pin analog devices chip is too closely spaced for it. Can I ask
      > what is the iron you used for your assembly work?
      > Ian Gm3GTQ

      Hi all, this works, I've done it many times and it looks like its been
      through IR reflow.
      What you need is rework flux, solder wick ( used ), and a good soldering
      step 1
      use a liberal amount of rework flux along the pins the whole length of
      one side of the IC
      step 2
      with the solder wick make a trough that fits the size of the soldering
      iron bit and flood it with solder.
      step 3
      run the solder wick across the IC pins with the tip of the soldering
      iron in the solder wick trough.

      Practice one a duff IC and a scrap board a few times, when you get the
      hang of it it makes a a nice job
      wash it afterward to remove the surplus flux and you wont know, even
      under a microscope its been hand
      I use a Metcal Iron with a 2mm chisel bit when doing it, the important
      thing is to keep the solder molten as the copper braid( solder wick) is
      across the pins.

      Richard g8jvm
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