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5994Re: [softrock40] Use of DDS-60

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  • T Hoflich
    Sep 6, 2006
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      Sorry to respond so slowly. I happen to be in UK
      now on family business. You may have your answer
      by now. I received my MS-DSS-60 by return mail. I
      paid by personal check and was surprised at how
      fast it came.
      The last DDS-60 that I ordered (I have two) came
      a little more slowly than the last one, but no
      problem. I paid with Paypal and the only email
      that I got was the one from Paypal.

      Tom KM5H

      --- ian mcphedran <gm3gtq@...> wrote:

      > I read your email (below) with interest and
      > decided to do the same. On July 24 I ordered a
      > DDS-60 from AMQRP and a MS-DDS-60 from KD1JV
      > but although Paypal have paid the money needed
      > to both parties, neither has acknowledged the
      > order or payments. Can anyone suggest a way of
      > getting a result with this?
      > GM3GTQ
      > km5h <km5h@...> wrote:
      > I finally finished a "production"
      > version of a Softrock receiver. By
      > production, I mean everything in one box with
      > proper connectors
      > instead of a bunch of pieces scattered around
      > the bench. In the box
      > is a SR-6, a DDS-60 and a MS-DDS-60
      > (Controller).
      > I am using a SoundBlaster MP3+ so I can use it
      > with any computer with
      > USB (especially laptop).
      > The Rocky display looks the same with the
      > DDS-60 or the 28.224
      > crystal. The output of the DDS-60 directly
      > replaces the crystal via a
      > short piece of small coax.
      > One of the nice features of the controller is
      > that it displays 7.056
      > but actually puts out 28.224 for the SR-6.
      > You set the center frequency on the controller.
      > Then transfer that
      > number (like 7.056) on the display to the
      > appropriate field in Rocky
      > setup.
      > The DDS-60 goes to 60MHZ so this configuration
      > will work to 15 MHZ.
      > This includes lots of ham bands, short wave
      > bands, and most IF's. Now
      > I need to do some work on switching the band
      > pass filter for higher
      > frequency coverage than the "stock" SR-6.
      > Now, if Rocky only supported AM and maybe FM
      > (hint hint).
      > There have been several questions lately about
      > the use of the DDS60.
      > I have found it very successful.
      > http://www.amqrp.org/kits/dds60/index.html
      > http://kd1jv.qrpradio.com/msdds60/msdds60.HTM
      > Tom KM5H
      > ---------------------------------
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      > stunning in its simplicity and ease of use." -
      > PC Magazine
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