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59198Re: [softrock40] Help wanted to build ghpsdr3 on "OS X"

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  • William Dillon
    Dec 1, 2011
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      The reason you've had to specify those paths while using configure this time while not needing to before is that there is significant overlap between the libraries that are provided in the base OS and Xcode UNIX support relative to Mac Ports.  It is likely that the dependencies have been provided by the OS in the past.

      I've solved the malloc problem before, but I don't remember exactly how to do it at the moment.  I can help work thorough it off line if you'd like.

      - Will

      p.s., I love Satellite Tracker on the iPhone!

      On Dec 1, 2011, at 1:22 AM, Susan Mackay wrote:


      I have been looking for an SDR program that I can build from source (I want to expand it with some of my own demodulation code) and it seems to be that the ghpsdr3 would fit the bill.

      I have a 64-bit Mac running the latest version of "OS X" and also the latest version of Xcode.

      I have used MacPorts to add the necessary dependencies (such as port audio, fftw3 etc) and these all live in the "/opt/local" directory structure. They were all built using the default options for the package.

      I have down-loased the ghpsdr3-1.7.tar.gz file and expanded it.

      However I'm having trouble getting the sources to build past the "./configure" step. It seems not to be able to find many of the include and library files by default and so I have included the necessary command line flags to have it search "/opt/local/include" and "/opt/local/lib". (This is a bit strange as this is the first time I've had to do this - other packages that I;ve built seem to be able to find the MacPorts packages OK).

      Also it has trouble finding the "malloc.h" file although there are several in various places in the "normal" Unix file locations (e.g. "/usr/include/sys").

      The biggest problem is that it seems to need to be built with the "-arch i386" option but this then causes problems when trying to link with the library files (which are probably all all 64-bit).

      Has anyone any experience at building the ghpsdr package n a 64-bit Mac and who would like to share the "secret"?


      Susan VK3ANZ

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