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59190Re: [softrock40] Help wanted to build ghpsdr3 on "OS X"

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  • Eric Söderman
    Dec 1, 2011
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      I think you should direct these questions to the SDR-Widget group:

      That is where the development of ghpsdr3-alex takes place. The latests
      sources are in git at https://github.com/alexlee188/ghpsdr3-alex%c2%a0.
      Also take a look in the wiki:

      Eric SA5BKE

      On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Susan Mackay
      <susanmackay@...> wrote:
      > I have been looking for an SDR program that I can build from source (I want to expand it with some of my own demodulation code) and it seems to be that the ghpsdr3 would fit the bill.
      > I have a 64-bit Mac running the latest version of "OS X" and also the latest version of Xcode.
      > I have used MacPorts to add the necessary dependencies (such as port audio, fftw3 etc) and these all live in the "/opt/local" directory structure. They were all built using the default options for the package.
      > I have down-loased the ghpsdr3-1.7.tar.gz file and expanded it.
      > However I'm having trouble getting the sources to build past the "./configure" step. It seems not to be able to find many of the include and library files by default and so I have included the necessary command line flags to have it search "/opt/local/include" and "/opt/local/lib". (This is a bit strange as this is the first time I've had to do this - other packages that I;ve built seem to be able to find the MacPorts packages OK).
      > Also it has trouble finding the "malloc.h" file although there are several in various places in the "normal" Unix file locations (e.g. "/usr/include/sys").
      > The biggest problem is that it seems to need to be built with the "-arch i386" option but this then causes problems when trying to link with the library files (which are probably all all 64-bit).
      > Has anyone any experience at building the ghpsdr package n a 64-bit Mac and who would like to share the "secret"?
      > Thanks
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