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  • The Silver Fox
    Oct 21, 2011

      Switching power supplies generally use radio frequencies to manage the voltage and amperage exchange.  I assume that good ones have decent filters to keep the interference to a minimum.  If they radiated a lot you would hear it in your computer sound system.  The only caveat is that the softrock radios are sensitive and they also are reliant on the computer sound system.


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      The answer varies all over the place, some are very quiet some are horrible, and some are in-between.

      I own several Samlex 25A power supplies out of 5 one was noisy, the others were pretty quiet, so I took all 5 apart and the wires heading for the output connectors were wound around a large Ferrite core with multiple size capacitors to ground (.001uF, .01uF, and .1uF of good quality) all five are quiet as a church mouse.

      On the other hand my Dell laptop when running on batteries can be heard all over the spectrum, while plugged in it's not too bad.

      At 04:49 PM 10/21/2011, you wrote:

      I tried a couple of switching supplies with Ensemble RX II and Ensemble VHF, both from old cellphones. The hash was terrible across the spectrum.
      I've found one switching PS 12V/2A that is quiet above 10MHz. Using it with my FT-817.

      As for RX Softrocks, the smallest linear wall warts (100-150mA) seem to give the best results. They are also usually free or 25c at garage sales.
      The RX lineup has a 7805 regulator, so the supply doesn't have to be regulated.

      73, Mike

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      > This is a general question about SDR rigs and switching power supplies.  One of my linear 12v supplies was drowned in a basement flood thanks to  hurricane Irene.  I am thinking of replacing it with a small switching supply from MFJ, particularly since it can sit on the operating desk without stressing it with the weight of an equivalent linear supply.  One of the reasons I lost the linear supply was that it was mounted on a shelf near the floor, so the water reached it.  It would be safer up on the desk.  So, are any of you using a switching supply with an SDR rig (Softrock, Flex, etc.) and if so, are you getting a lot of hash on the panadapter? 
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