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54220Re: SR-40 Softwares!!

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  • Mohammad
    Apr 2, 2011
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      Hi Alan, Thank you much for the reply :)...

      Yeah, without connecting the SR-40 kit to the laptop, there is a signal appears on the software screen when i start the software!!!....so when i connect the SR-40 to the Laptop , i can't determine whether the signal appeared came from where?!!! plus, when i am talking i can hear my voice and see the power of the spectrum!!!......the signal i see, have varies peaks ( like noise), don't have like certain power concerned in a certain frequency!!!!

      about the the scanned method, i will search for the open source for the software and will make some changing on the code!!!....i think!!?


      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Alan" <alan4alan@...> wrote:
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      > Subject: [softrock40] SR-40 Softwares!!
      > > how can i check whether the Line in of the laptop is correctly dialed with
      > > the SR-40 softwares(power SDR, Rock)!!;because i have a problem with the
      > > signal appeared on the software whether it from the SR-40 or from the mice
      > > of the laptop itself!!!......
      > >
      > Mohammad,
      > If you disconnect the Line In then is interference seen on the SDR screen?
      > It is possible that noise from the mouse can interfere by getting into the
      > Softrock through the antenna or another connection.
      > Can you describe the signal you see?
      > > And how can i rewrite the code of these softwares to do extra things; like
      > > make these softwares to scan automatically over the frequency range of the
      > > SR-40 kit and detect the unused channels!!!....is it possible??
      > >
      > I do not know how to write Software. The waterfall shows the whole spectrum
      > so you can see unused frequencies.
      > I do not think any SDR software includes scanning.
      > 73 Alan G4ZFQ
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