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50161Re: [softrock40] SR6.1, DDS-60 and WA6UFQ parallel port DDS Controller

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  • Jerry
    Dec 3, 2010
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      Look at the Atom boards. They have on board parallel ports and two serial
      ports. True they need dongles to get the ports into the backplane. They
      work very well however. Now they are available with dual cores and
      hyperthreading. The power requirements are very low and with a mini ATX
      format they can be placed in small boxes. Finaly they cost less than $100
      Jerry NO2T

      At 07:09 AM 12/3/2010 +0000, you wrote:
      >----- Original Message -----
      >Subject: [softrock40] SR6.1, DDS-60 and WA6UFQ parallel port DDS Controller
      >> Unfortunately neither my current shack computer nor my new boat computer
      >> ( http://netbook2chartplotter.blogspot.com ) has a parallel port. The only
      >> decent machine I have left with a parallel port is the 2Ghz P4 laptop in
      >> my lab.
      >For anyone who uses a computer with older hardware it is still possible to
      >get full-spec motherboards with both parallel and serial ports. Both
      >full-size and mini ITX are available.
      >The only "problem" is getting it built although if anyone can make a
      >Softrock and get it going they should be able to build a computer.
      >I understand that proper USB/LPT adaptors are available but all I have seen
      >are just intended for printers.
      >Of course internal cards are available.
      >73 Alan G4ZFQ
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