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50151SR6.1, DDS-60 and WA6UFQ parallel port DDS Controller

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  • longjohn119
    Dec 2, 2010
      Mounted in an aluminum Radio Shack box. I used this as a 40M-80M receiver mainly for fishing and camping. Unfortunately neither my current shack computer nor my new boat computer ( http://netbook2chartplotter.blogspot.com ) has a parallel port. The only decent machine I have left with a parallel port is the 2Ghz P4 laptop in my lab.

      Since the WA6UFQ parallel port DDS Controller/ DDS-60 combination can do sweeps and such it's obviously useful for testing, sweeping/ aligning filters, etc. I hate to waste the SR6.1 though and it seems to me it too could be used for testing. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like that and if there are any good sources of info out there on adapting a Softrock into a test instrument
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