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4905Re: FT1000 MK5 Field / Icom radio IF panadapter.

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  • ccmarco2004
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Hi Lyle,
      good news because i also own a IC-706.

      some questions :

      - do you feed the SDR by mean of empty filter slot input line ?
      - or is the SDR input in parallel with the used filter ?
      - did you notice injected noise to 706 RXed signal when using SDR
      connection ?

      I have to take a look to 706 schematic to see if the radio disable
      the feeding of unselected IF filter slot.

      I was thinking to use a Jfet amplifier as buffer / decoupler,

      About th 25 KHz panning, they are not so much but better than

      Many Thanks, Marco.

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Lyle Koehler, K0LR" <k0lr@...>
      > On my original IC-706, I was able to tap into the circuit at the
      > to the 9 MHz filter. Since it appears to be a fairly low-impedance
      > point, I simply coupled the signal through a 50 pF capacitor and
      > brought out a short piece of RG-174 coax with an inline RCA phono
      > connector. There is a ceramic roofing filter in the first IF at 69
      > MHz. The service manual doesn't provide any information on the
      > bandwidth, but it appears to be about 25 kHz. With my homebrew
      > coverage SDR receiver set so that the center frequency comes out
      at 12
      > kHz, the panadapter provides a +/- 12 kHz display. I noticed that
      > a fixed signal coming in, the output frequency jumps around
      > on what mode you're using. Not a surprise, but it probably screws
      > the centering of the panadapter display if you want to use it in
      > multiple modes.
      > The output level on the 706 IF is not excessive; if anything, it
      > use a little more gain going into the SD receiver.
      > Lyle, K0LR
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