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47391Re: [softrock40] Re: Advice needed with Ensemble RXTX

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  • Joseph Teichman
    Sep 1, 2010
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      I also am just getting started with a Ensemble RXTX and I had similar experiences. 
      I built mine with the I/Q jumpers crossed, as suggested in the build instructions (actually, I put in posts and wire-wrapped them so that it would be easy to swap should it be necessary). This was supposed to be necessary for using PSDR. However, I found that I had to switch the I/Q lines to the straight configuration in order for it to work with PSDR. 
      BTW, I am using a Creative XFi 5.1 USB soundcard.
      In order to make swapping I/Q lines easy (even easier than the wire-wrapping suggestion), I purchased  a stero mini to Female RCA cable and a stereo mini to male RCA and connected them together. This way, I could swap the left and right channels in a moment.

      Also, I found that in PSDR, I had to  drop the "Line In Gain" (I turned it down to '1' - I think that 0 gave me some kind of problem at the time) in the Audio/Primary configuration window to have image rejection.

      One thing that I am confused about with PSDR is how to set up transmit. The Audio/Primary window seems to be used for setting up receive, where you specify the the input as the soundcard that gets the receive I/Q and the output line to where the audible output is sent to. Do you set it up transmit in the VAC window? Do I then have to check the Direct I/Q/Output to VAC box?

      On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM, Yannick <yannick.devos@...> wrote:

      Hi Alan,

      > Both have auto image rejection for RX. Bob, G8VOI recently posted
      > instructions for 1.12 he knows the software better than I do.
      With I/Q signals the right way image rejection is ok now, I just told about that as a reminder to understand my problem.
      What I also wanted to emphasis is "don't always trust your sound card". Mine as left/right channels reverted.

      > I do not know, maybe you have made a bad adjustment.
      > Was it always like that? You can revert to default by deleting the data
      > file.
      > "You have to find and delete the database.xml settings file which it does
      > not reside in the installation folder. The database.xml file resides for XP
      > in C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\FlexRadio
      > Systems\PowerSDR v1.19.3 and for Vista in C:\Users\<user
      > name>\AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR v1.19.3" Christos Earlier
      > versions of PSDR put the database file in the Program folder, Genesis
      > database.xml, others use a different format PowerSDR.mdb.
      > It is possible to save and select these files to use different
      > configurations, or restore operation if it gets corrupted.
      > PDSR has always worked for me with all the gain settings as default and with
      > the record settings high. I even have to increase the waterfall sensitivity.
      > The manual gives instructions how to setup correctly.

      I will try this. Having the I/Q signals the wrong way must have brought a lot of incoherent data to the database.

      Thanks for your help.

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