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47379Re: [softrock40] Re: Rocky not tuning the Si750

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  • Alan
    Sep 1, 2010
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      From: "Dave"
      Subject: [softrock40] Re: Rocky not tuning the Si750

      > The on board soundcard on this PC is "somewhat lacking" to say the least.
      > The single biggest problem, is leakage of the recovered audio, back into
      > the Line Input, resulting in some interesting noises at times (at great
      > volume too!) Yes, I've explored all the mixer settings, and disabled all
      > the "stereo mix" features etc.

      I find it difficult to believe it is really that bad!

      > Next stage, to figure out, which side to put the LO, for the 60m beacons,
      > with Rocky I can play now, then order the correct crystal for the
      > rockbound SR Lite II, releasig the V9 for other duties.

      I presume you are using the G3PLX software? It uses 8Khz sampling so it will
      need to be 5.290 +/- about 1.5KHz. Either side is possible but high avoids
      QRMing the WSPR frequencies.

      > In the mean time, I need to sort out a decent sound card to get the noise
      > down, and gain up! Also, get the thing in a screned box, with the audio
      > (IF) lead decoupled to RF. At the moment, I've got all sorts of odd
      > signals with no sideband rejection,

      Is it stereo? You will get no rejection if it is not. I would have thought
      the USB Creative would have worked, what is it? A SB24 Live? There should be
      a W2000 driver.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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