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47378Re: [softrock40] Re: Rocky not tuning the Si750

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Sep 1, 2010
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      Congrats, Dave!  Lot's of territory to cover, it sounds like, but you sound up to the challenge. Happy tuning...


      On 9/1/2010 3:58 PM, Dave wrote:


      Rocky now using the Si570 just find, as Bruce eluded to, it needs an "Address" of 85(decimal) that is equivalent to 55(hex) that CFGSDR uses.

      I've also added some extra LO frequencies to Rocky's list.

      The USB soundcard I have (Soundlaster) doesnt work with Rocky, either for signal input, or audio output, but there again, it's only known as a generic soundcard in W2k. I'll try it all on XP sometime, where it's own drivers do work.

      The on board soundcard on this PC is "somewhat lacking" to say the least. The single biggest problem, is leakage of the recovered audio, back into the Line Input, resulting in some interesting noises at times (at great volume too!) Yes, I've explored all the mixer settings, and disabled all the "stereo mix" features etc.

      Next stage, to figure out, which side to put the LO, for the 60m beacons, with Rocky I can play now, then order the correct crystal for the rockbound SR Lite II, releasig the V9 for other duties.

      In the mean time, I need to sort out a decent sound card to get the noise down, and gain up! Also, get the thing in a screned box, with the audio (IF) lead decoupled to RF. At the moment, I've got all sorts of odd signals with no sideband rejection, that appear to be coupled in back down the "IF" lead, or into the souncard that has poor filtering so alias problems. "SigmaTelAudio" on an industrial motherboard.

      However, we're off up and running now. Thanks All.


      Dave G0WBX.

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Tanner <bet110@...> wrote:
      > Rocky uses a digital address... change the DSP address to '85'...

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