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43651Re: PA Kits for the Softrock V6.3 RXTX

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  • n4fbz
    May 3, 2010
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      Actually, it's just the reverse.

      I lost all of the equipment I'd been collecting over 25 years, including the 16 years I had a robotics repair business (and my best friend also lost a lot of his stuff we'd set up in my shop). We had a complete computer controlled testing and experimenting setup (that we were starting to use for amateur radio experimentation) which took all those years to get together (digitizers, scopes, analyzers, you name it). I'd bought people's junk and fixed it in the evenings- because I didn't have the money to buy working equipment (and couldn't afford the prices). So I lost the money I'd worked hard for and spent on the equipment- and literally thousands of man-hours of hard work. There was a lot of homebrew equipment and esoteric stuff lost too, and my laboratory equipment (and several radios I'd collected over the years- waiting for repair/rebuild/restore). I don't have the income to start buying stuff (a new decent soldering iron to replace the burned one at $40 was a huge expenditure with our present income), and don't have the years of time I lost fixing up the equipment. So, It's pretty much irreplaceable- at least for now. It also wiped out our ability to do some experimenting we've been planning for a while (a really different new antenna that preliminary exploration suggests will work quite well, and some other circuits/mods) - until we can rebuild and replace some of what was lost (we're planning and seeing what we can scrape together, including salvaging what we can from the shop).

      The notes and calculations? All I have to do is look at the schematic, pop the lid and see what I did, and I can re-create most of that including why I did things the way I did. Actually, it all was quite simple. My biggest worry was that with such a simple setup, it would work as well as it does. Essentially all I did was replace both daughter-boards with a couple of small broadband baluns. One, on the rx bandpass filter board, used one of the original boards and the components were mounted on the bottom rather than the top (so it would fit properly in the case). Nothing to it.

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, Sid Boyce <sboyce@...> wrote:

      > Bad news on the fire. That stuff is not easy to replace, the notes and
      > calculations possibly are irreplaceable.
      > 73 ... Sid.
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