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41569Re: [softrock40] PA matching

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  • uli
    Mar 1, 2010
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      I have SoftRock V6.2 (40/30m) with QRPproject PA.
      You can find a schematic, how to connect this PA to the SoftRock here:
      http://dj9cs.raisdorf.org/SDR-SoftRock-07.html .Schematic with red line
      at the end of the site (most in german language).
      T2 is 2x4 turns bifilar.

      Have success


      > Hi
      > I have just finished to build a PA2008 10W amplifier from QRPproject (kit by DK1HE) to amplify the 6.3 TX/RX output - This PA needs only 10 mW INPUT , so I don't need the full power of the usual TX/PA module - My idea is to build only a part of one TX/RX module ending with the 2N2222 as a driver for the 10MW PA, without filter, as I have also added an switchable LP filter (another kit by HFproject K5OOR)- Can any specialist confirm the 2N2222 will give the 10mW and suggest how to wire the T201 transformer in order to get a broadband module ? Thanks for yr help
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