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40399Re: [softrock40] Si570 desoldering tips

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  • Barry Michels
    Feb 2, 2010
      I'm not sure how exactly. It's not in a case. I am guessing that maybe
      12V went into the antenna input. This was before installing any PA/F
      module and I had the antenna connector jumpered to bypass that module.
      One day it just stopped receiving anything but a strong local AM station
      in the center and 2 other places on the waterfall. Q2 failed closed
      (stuck in transmit).

      Lesson: put your RXTX in a case of any kind after confirming that it
      works. Even a plastic tupperware container and don't let any metal
      brush by it.

      Barry - KE4JUC

      Preston Douglas wrote:
      > Barry,
      > Could you please tell us how you fried your RXTX board? While I agree
      > with Doug that the boards are inexpensive to replace, the sweat equity
      > invested in one is considerable. I am happy my RXTX 6.3 works well,
      > and would not want to build another one all over again. So, how did
      > you kill yours, so we can avoid doing whatever it is you did!
      > Preston Douglas WJ2V
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