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39301Re: ESI UGM96 soundcard mini-review

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  • Rob
    Jan 3, 2010
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      Hi Gents,

      My result was rather unscientific, based on comparing the highest and lowest signals, and overall listening perfomance against the FA66. Since few musicians use Linux, it's hardly a surprise that the makers target their soundcards at Mac/Windows.

      I can't see much difference in the noise floor when using 48k sampling, yet the USB can't quite handle duplex at 96k/24 bits.

      The ESI ASIO driver works as well with PSDR as the Edirol one. But I have no way to verify the bit depth, apart from looking at the noise levels. Even with 48k@24bit it still would use useful. Please don't quote US $ prices, they make us jealous!!

      Graeme, on the FA66 comment - most of the sockets on the FA66 aren't grounded to the metalwork. The zero spike drops dramatically if I strap the case (grounding screw provided) to the Softrock case. BUT the broadband spikes increase.

      I need to look again at the area of soundcard spurious. The spikes are below noise on 40/30m but will be a problem on the higher bands.


      > I agree, I remember reading somewhere that this thing can't do 24 bits at 96kHz due to USB bandwidth. Also, it costs $90 USD, the lowest I can find at the moment.
      > Have you been able to take in 24-bit at 96kHz in WinXP?
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