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39253Re: LO Question

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  • wa1vta01452
    Jan 2, 2010
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      Hi Bob,

      Initially, I had removed the dip sw and the PIC and connected via USB/i2C adapter, but using PE0FKO CFHGSR software, the SI570 factory settings button is grayed out, so gave up. However, the LO appears to be working.

      When I set the 746 signal to 7010. the Rocky readout is at 7019.9, so it does appear to be fairly close. However, I still have little sensitivity. I do see my 746 signal when I key in AM @ 5 watts out, but have not received any other signal to date.


      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "g8voip" <g8voi.reeves59@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom,
      > Sorry, I just had a quick play here and the Si570 calibration is only enabled when the USB Si570 option is used, so not possible to do with the fixed LO.
      > As your LO appears to be very close to the correct frequency, I would have expected your signal to appear in the right place.
      > One test worth doing is to set the Rocky LO to 7.046 MHz, and generate a signal at 7.056MHz with your rig. See where that appears relative to the centre frequency.
      > 73, Bob G8VOI
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