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39Re: [softrock40] What iron

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  • Anders Karlson
    Sep 19, 2005
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      I have not received my softrock40 yet, but I have built quite a lot with SMD components.
      I use an old Weller TCP 50W . The kind that "clicks".

      For IC:s I use the standard "fat" tip. I just solder all the legs with a lot of solder. Almost all of the legs becomes bridged :-). Then I use a solder-wick to suck up all the solder, and suddenly it looks really professional. The capillary force holds the tin under the legs. It works all the time and is easy, even with my fat fingers.

      For legless components I use a very sharp tip. I tin one pad (The solder-wick is really useful here too. You only need a minimum of solder) and press the component down with a small screwdriver while I melt the solder. Then it is easy to solder the rest of the pads.

      73 de Anders, SM7TJC

      Don Rhodes wrote:
      I just got my softrock40 and was wondering what soldering iron/stations people are using for construction? Those smd's look a little intimidating.
      Don Rhodes

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