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  • jr_dakota
    Nov 4 1:09 AM
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      I use the Hobby Lobby embossing tool also, for 'rework' the trick is to use a piece of thin cardboard with a hole slightly larger than the device you are removing to protect the surrounding circuitry. I made a funnel shaped attachment from stainless steel to concentrate the air/heat flow and use a Triac type 'lamp dimmer' circuit to control the blower speed and heat on the embossing tool (Makes a good soldering pencil heat controller too)

      I have to give credit where credit is due here, the original idea came from Cash Olsen KD5SSJ which is also a good guy to get SMT paste solder from


      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, Dave - WB6DHW <brainerd@...> wrote:
      > For removing multi-pin devices, nothing beats hot air. Anyone know of
      > a low cost controllable way. My rework station(Aoyue 968) works great,
      > but at about $150 is not cheap! I would like to introduce some of our
      > clubs new hams to the joys of homebrewing.
      > Dave - WB6DHW
      > <http://wb6dhw.com>
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