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37720RE: [softrock40] Re:FYI Genesis Radio

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  • Mike Loebl
    Nov 3, 2009
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      I agree 100%. I purchased an Aoyue 2702 after I had issues with my
      HF transceiver, and wish I had done it earlier! I remember when I got my
      first SoftRock kit I was worried about soldering the surface mount
      components (then realized that it was a breeze, and the toroids were the
      part I truly disliked.) I remember very well when I had the dreaded moment
      of "the smt IC is backwards", and my stomach sank. After quite a bit of
      work I was able to get it off, but not without accidentally lifting a pad
      (thank goodness the green wire worked.) Now I can pull them off in about
      15s with no damage. Also comes in handy for removing other stuff like
      connectors that have multiple TH pins. I believe people have successfully
      used inexpensive hot air guns as some have a narrowing head add-on, you just
      need to be careful with them as they aren't as temp controllable.



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      For removing multi-pin devices, nothing beats hot air. Anyone know of
      a low cost controllable way. My rework station(Aoyue 968) works great,
      but at about $150 is not cheap! I would like to introduce some of our
      clubs new hams to the joys of homebrewing.

      Dave - WB6DHW
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