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  • Graeme
    Nov 2, 2009
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      Hi Rob,

      Some good thoughts here and of course it is not possible to move forward in technology if you don't look at all the aspects of a design so I would like to make a few comments...

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, Robert Brown <robbrown@...> wrote:
      > Please don't take this as a snipe at the competition...
      Having an honest appraisal is not seen by any fair minded person as a snipe and I certainly don't see you as sniping. However I guess you do not use the word competition in its true context but rather as indication of another approach.

      > The G3020 doesn't look as good as the Softrock. The mixer is 74HC4066,
      > which has a lower spec than the FST type,

      Yes it looks this way but having a softrock and YU1LM design with the 4066 mixer side by side on my bench I can assure you there is no audio difference and the measured difference is trivial and slightly favours the 4066. Have you noticed that the low channel resistance mixers often have series resistance deliberately inserted for load purposes. Having a higher channel resistance in the 4066 tends to swallow this up.

      the pre-amps used are
      > NE5534, which again are lower spec than the LTC ones.

      Yes no doubt but again in practice there is no discernable difference and their being DIP's give an access to SDR for peopler who can't or just don't want to move to surface mount. I am sure that in future models the audio chip choices will advance and so will the Softrocks too. We are looking at a snapshot in time with the YU1LM being designed first and the Softrock following. They will leapfrog.

      > IMHO the Genesis is a way behind the Softrock. Far too many bulky
      > through hole components for my liking, and no 3rd party add-on kits
      > (yet).
      Yes I see you are also looking at the possibilities for the future.

      I would also mention the PSDR software which is a debate on its own. If you are working say an 80 Metre CW competition being "Rock Bound" and able to see the whole CW spectrum and nothing except your carrier frequency shifts as you tune around is a huge advantage over having an offset IF of 9 KHz or so and every time you QSY the band shifts on your screen and the stations you had mentally marked go with them. I guess the perfect receiver would allow you to select modes as an option so you don't wind up with the station you desperately want to work being right in the hum and noise of the centre frequency. Maybe I should convey this to Simon and Terry.

      If someone asked me if they should get a Genesis kit I would advise them to go for it and my response would be the same for a Softrock. For myself I like to roll my own and yes I get ideas and inspiration from both sources and others as well. All these communities have brought me light years ahead of where I would have been on my own.

      73 Graeme ZL2APV

      > 73s,
      > Rob
      > (M0RZF)
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