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  • vk1aa
    Nov 1, 2009
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      I agree with Bob.

      It will take few more months before we can talk Genesis vs. Softrock.

      To put things in perspective, the current (new) Genesis project is just 6 months young (Softrock is in its 5th year).
      Some of softrockers may be surprised to learn that
      Genesis concept was around well before Softrock - back then it was called Avala by YU1LM. Actually, Tasa designed his first SDR radio in 2001 immediately after DL6IAK released his SDR RX software!
      He was also first to practically demonstrate and document switchers/filters application in SDR.
      While Tasa gave away all his designs freely to SDR interested hams
      for their enjoyment, many of his SDR solutions were later implemented in commercial rigs and by hams in US, India and Russia - who built and sold their radios without even acknowledging source.

      Naturally, such a disrespectful rip-off caused Tasa to almost give up
      SDR altogether.

      In March this year I finally managed to convince him to return to designing.
      This was the re-birth of Genesis. Obviously, we lost years, but we'll catch up - because we are working on both hardware and software SDR solutions with the intention to place Genesis kits in mid to high SDR range, both price and performance-wise.

      Our project is well funded, and we already have some ideas
      of how the 'next generation' SDR will look like. But we are not in a hurry, and we'll take one step at time.

      At the moment, our goal is to get the G59 up and running and where we go from there only time will tell.

      To conclude, we have nothing but utmost respect for Softrock and softrockers as well as other ham radio kit producers. And as someone noted here, our ultimate goal is the advancement of ham radio
      enjoyment - in whatever shape or form it may present itself - not to create animosity or unnecessary polarization.

      Nick VK1AA

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "g8voip" <g8voi.reeves59@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom,
      > Well there is nothing to be scared of with SMD components, only takes a short time to perfect the soldering technique, then actually it is a lot easier than using leaded components, in my opinion.
      > For soldering irons, the power is not that important, it's the bit size and preferably use a temperature controller iron, makes life easier.
      > I use a standard Weller 40W iron with a fine bit for the vast majority of my SMD work. The higher power iron is particularly useful when soldering connections to the earth plane.
      > The simple technique for soldering the SMD capacitors is just to melt some solder on one PCB track, then reheat it and place the capacitor, then solder the other end and go back and reflow the first joint. For IC pins, the 'secret' is to have some solder braid (wick) to hand, and if you bridge pins, don't worry about it, just wick off the excess solder afterwards to clean it up and remove any shorts.
      > Certainly optical aids help, as does a decent pair of fine pointed tweezers.
      > As far as the SoftRock versus Genesis debate goes, difficult to compare them really as the SoftRock has evolved considerably and the current generation as superior in many respects.
      > The only real comparison I can make is that I bought a 40/80m SoftRock v6.1 TX/RX kit when that first came out and it cost $33 for a dual band 1W SDR transceiver, the nearest Genesis kit is around $150!
      > The SoftRock v6.3 TX/RX and a set of 4 PA/Filter kits costs $118, giving all HF bands and continuous tuning.
      > It will be interesting to see how the proposed multiband G59 compares to the current SoftRock's.
      > 73, Bob G8VOI
      > --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, Tom Peterson <tom@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Having never in my life soldered a surface mount component, I'm about to
      > > take the plunge. I have sitting here in front of me a Softrock 80M Lite
      > > II to assemble. I'd be much happier if it was all nice bulky through
      > > hole components, but it isn't, and it look as if more and more kit are
      > > going to be surface mount stuff. I've ordered a headband magnifying
      > > visor already, but I suspect my old bulky RS 40W iron isn't going to be
      > > up to the task. What do you lot recommend for soldering surface mount
      > > stuff?
      > >
      > > I've also got one of the little Genesis 1W 30M transmitter kits on the
      > > way. It just looked like it would be fun to build and play with. If
      > > this 80M softrock goes well, I might have to get a 30M version to
      > > compliment the Q5.
      > >
      > > Robert Brown wrote:
      > > > IMHO the Genesis is a way behind the Softrock. Far too many bulky
      > > > through hole components for my liking, and no 3rd party add-on kits
      > > > (yet).
      > > >
      > > > 73s,
      > > > Rob
      > > > (M0RZF)
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
      > >
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