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32254Re: [softrock40] Re: need advice on what kit to buy in India

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  • ashok joshi
    Apr 1, 2009
      Hi George

      First of all for making and using a Ham  tranciver  you have to have a  Radio amateur operating licence from Min, of communication Govt, of India, I hope you have one
      In Bangalore you have a radio amateur club. please go and visit them. There you will get first hand information of currently available trx kits.
      If you are interested in SDR technology Tony has lots of fine kits available.for single or multiband receivers. and qrp tranciver., and they are not very costly.
      He has already iven you an idia but you can send him a mail and get further details.
      Ashok VU2 ASH.

      On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Jose Bonanca <jabct1aos@...> wrote:

      Hi Leonard..
      Sorry but it was not my question I was just answering George (India) mail.

      2009/4/1 Leonard <dredger@...>

      > > I am in india .We have 2 kits BITX and hmy2k8 which i am aware of.
      > > I am not much experianced in Electronics But would like to try
      > > assembling.Please advice what kit to buy here in india coz many usa kits are
      > > not available and I dont know advantages and disadvantages
      > > George
      > > Bangalore
      > > India

      > Jose (Ct1aos)

      Actually, I think he is in the wrong group. He's asking about SSB trancievers. The bitx group is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BITX20/

      Jose, check out http://www.cqbitx.blogspot.com/ This is Sunil's Bitx20 version 3 site. He has complete kits and he's in India. As far as I know, hmy2k8 doesn't have boards or kits available for his tranceiver. If you want further help on them, email me at kc0wox@...


      Jose (Ct1aos)

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