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31938New Firmware USB AVR Si570 controller V15.10

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  • pe0fko
    Mar 21, 2009
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      I created a new version V15.10 of my firmware for the USB AVR Si570
      controller, and put it on my web page
      <http://home.ict.nl/~fredkrom/pe0fko/SR-V9-Si570/> for the people
      interested in the firmware (source).
      ""It is not firmware that Tony deliver with the SoftRock kit's!""

      This version will support the LO frequency change by a offset and
      multiply (fixed point) numbers. This feature can be used by frond end
      mixers with a fixed frequency, all kind of sub-sampling or other
      fraction multiply like the SoftRock VHF converter is using.
      The next version WinRad ExtIO_Si570.dll V0.8 will support the
      configuration of the offset and multiply factor in the firmware.

      There is also a bug fixed that is important for the RXTX users. The
      second CW Key input 2 was not supported in the firmware, why in some
      cases the SDR software was transmitting. (The second CW input was zero,
      that means pressed!). For using the CW inputs, disable the ABPF option
      in the firmware!

      The 'smooth tune', 'automatic band pass filter selection', 'one site
      calibration' and 'LO calculation' are included in the ATtiny45 (4K flash
      rom) with the normal 'set freq by value & si570 register' calls. (No
      separate set freq command and application change necessary)

      People not capable to program the AVR chip, can order a ATtiny45
      programmed chip by Cecil, K5NWA <http://www.softrockradio.org/PRG-AVR1>.

      73, Fred
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