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30713Re: Kits and a Website

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  • Glen Overby
    Dec 31, 1969
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      "Milt Cram" w8nue@... w8nue wrote:
      > Have you checked out the Files Section of the Austin QRP Yahoo Groups?

      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AQRP/

      > Look under K5JHF. John has graciously provided the source code for the
      > kits.

      I picked up the Si570 Controller and Frequency Generator Kit a while back, and
      it's a nice kit.

      The AQRP group requires group membership to access their Files Section. I
      don't live in Austin so I really don't have a reason to be on the AQRP list
      other than to get access to these files. Could I appeal to those designing
      the kits to put the source code in a location that doesn't require AQRP group

      Glen Overby, kc0iyt
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