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29422Re: V9 output to audio card?

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  • Ken
    Jan 2, 2009
      > > while allowing the "spiky" USB signal to pass....
      > > Is there any signals as such on the ground wire of the USB
      > The spiky USB signal has to return to ground, so yes, they are
      there. If it
      > is a good low-resistance ground connection they will not be noticed.

      OK Alan, NOW it's getting clear to me - the signals will still have
      the ground return via the low value capacitor while the DC ground
      would be blocked by the low value resistor. The DC ground is
      provided by the speaker ground.

      > > AND does the ground wire not need to be a DC ground that would be
      > > blocked by a capacitor?
      > The DC ground is connected via the audio ground.

      Thank you again Alan for being patience - I really think I do
      understand better now.

      73 de Ken H> K9FV
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