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23754Re: Bye Bye Birdies- Spurs

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  • Christos Nikolaou
    Aug 1, 2008
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      [Sorry for the Off-Topic]


      I got a version of PowerSDR for SDR-1000 specifically for this type of
      experimentation. If a SDR1K user wants to replace AD9854 with a Si570
      by leaving untouched all other PowerSDR functions and the LPT mux the
      Joe is the first that has this one.

      Christos SV1EIA

      If you feel like experimenting
      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, k5nwa <k5nwa@...> wrote:
      > At 02:27 PM 8/1/2008, you wrote:
      > >By replacing the DDS (AD9854)in my Flex clone with the SI570
      > >gone are the annoying DDS spurs. Tony's new divider clock
      > >circuit was used as the interface.
      > > This was made possible by the modified Power SDR code by
      > >Christos SV1EIA with smooth tuning. This code now also stores both
      > >transmit and receive image rejection data for each band separately
      > >another big improvement. If you plan on using SSB or AM modes take a
      > >look at the modified Power SDR by Christos.
      > >
      > >Joe wa9cgz
      > Getting rid of spurs, priceless!
      > Good going, my SDR-1000 just ran out of warranty, that looks like a
      > worthwhile mod.specially on 10M and 6M the spurs drive you crazy.
      > Cecil
      > K5NWA
      > www.softrockradio.org www.qrpradio.com
      > "Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light."
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