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23752Re: Controlling SDR-Kits Si570 from Rocky

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  • i5xww
    Aug 1, 2008
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      Firstly I want to thank Jim KB2XJ for indicating that his USB
      synthesizer did work with Rocky software.

      As I am using the synthesizer only connected to a receiver, I've had
      to perform some tests without actually linking the synthesiser to a

      So I did find that the signal coming out of pin 3 of ATTiny45-20 is
      correctly what should be expected: 5V on transmit, 0V on receive.

      If the PTT of the radio is not keyed, this may be related to the
      radio circuitry.

      I have performed some software tasks, all leading to a perfectly
      activated PTT (IC's pin 3), at least on my workbench

      I have also found that in CW mode, PTT is activated as follows:
      - Tools / Setting / check Transmitter Enabled box
      - check VOX in the green Tx menu icon
      - by closing the CW key input to ground, a sidetone is heard as well
      as pin 3 of the IC going high

      While checking all the above, I did find that one side of C9 is not
      linked to anywhere on my PCB. It shall be connected to the CW input
      track nearby. I've already alerted somebody on this.


      Crispino i5xww
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