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21110Re: [softrock40] Re: 40/30 RXTX+XTALL in the mail Linux support?

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  • John Melton
    May 2, 2008
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      Michael M. Moore wrote:
      > I saw a demo of the Flex Radio 5000C by the owner of Flex Radio at a
      > Hamfest and I am pretty sure he said all of their SW is GPL. I think
      > I also heard him say they develop in Linux but compile for both XP &
      > Linux. However I have not yet looked for their Power SDR in source
      > code or in a compiled version for Linux. I think their formal
      > delivery is in XP (no Vista yet, but reportedly they have a running
      > version in Vista).

      There is currently not a version of PowerSDR for Linux because of the
      problems of porting the GUI which is written in C#.

      However, PowerSDR is open source and can be downloaded using svn from:


      The core DSP code (DttSP) has been ported to Linux (and Mac OSX) and is
      also open source and can be downloaded from:


      The current version of DttSP that most people are using is the
      branches/ab2kt/dttsp-ng version.

      There is also code in the linux repository for controlling the SDR-1000
      and more recently some code has appeared to support the SDR-5000.

      Several of us have been developing GUI software using DttSP.

      I have one some code written in Java which is open source - see

      Edson Pereria has developed an SDR-Shell written in C and using the Qt
      toolkit - see http://ewpereira.info/sdr-shell/

      Also take a look at http://dttsp.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page and
      also join the dttsp-linux Yahoo group where most of the communication
      about running an SDR on Linux and Mac OSX can be found.


      John g0orx/n6lyt

      John Melton
      Sun IT CTO Office
      UK Office: +44 1252 421708 (ext 21708)
      US Office: +1 650 568 4504 (ext 65504)
      Mobile: +44 7714 708861
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