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2086Re: [softrock40] Re: KGKSDR build 22 released

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  • Duncan Munro
    Jan 2, 2006
      Alberto I2PHD wrote:
      > Duncan Munro wrote:
      >> > OK, any idea when 24 bit will be supported?
      >>Don't know is the honest answer, as I don't have any hardware here that
      >>provides a 24 bit output through windows.
      > If you have a Delta 44, you can use its ASIO drivers to get 24 bit sampling
      > under Windows. I know for sure, as I have done it for my yet-to-be-released
      > program. I have been told, but I haven't directly tested it, that also with
      > WMME you can get 24 bit sampling using the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE structure
      > instead of the WAVEFORMATEX normally used with the waveInOpen API.
      > If instead you use DirectX or KernelStreaming, then frankly I don't know.

      Hi Alberto, thanks for the info. I'll probably stick with WMME for now
      because it operates with all soundcards and I'm not suffering from any
      bad side-effects with it other than it wants to present >16bit cards as
      32 bit.

      Re: the Delta 44/66, the 32 bit option works fine and I'm getting the
      full 96kHz/24bit rate from the card here. WAVEFORMATEX doesn't seem to
      understand 24 bits, but it has no problem with 32.

      Good luck with your new software.

      Duncan Munro
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