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20011Re: [softrock40] Re: SD Software?

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  • Brian Lloyd
    Apr 1, 2008
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      On Apr 1, 2008, at 2:36 AM, Bill Heverly wrote:
      > Ray,
      > As an old Burroughs guy, you probably don't want to hear this but
      > Linux has some support from a big gun. IBM offers Linux on their
      > mainframe systems. Even though I too am an old Burroughs guy, I
      > think that is pretty big gun support.

      It is interesting how people tend to get locked into a viewpoint and
      then never take a step back to ask, "does this make sense?"

      Right now people seem to get into this MS/Linux (and sometimes MacOS)
      debate without ever asking, "do any of these operating systems really
      do a good job at what they are supposed to do?" Yes, we must move
      forward with something because the goal is to write code that does
      something useful and an OS does nothing useful (from the end-user
      point of view). But it does make the programmer's job easier and,
      hence, may mean that we get useful programs sooner with one or the

      (And then there is the reliability issue which is a whole other can-of-

      I don't know, I find MacOS to be easier to deal with (from a
      programmers point of view -- there are some pretty decent APIs in
      there) but Apple in its usual style, seems to be hell-bent on making
      their OS as unusable as Microsoft's. They just haven't been at the
      process quite long enough yet.

      And then there is Linux with its abysmal integrated support for
      sampled signal streams. (I was going to say "audio" but we know that
      doesn't apply because it is really our IF, not AF, right?)

      My take on it is that we really need to start with a clean slate but
      we know that isn't going to happen.


      73 de Brian, WB6RQN
      Brian Lloyd - brian HYPHEN wb6rqn AT lloyd DOT com
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