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20002RE: [softrock40] Re: SD Software?

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  • Bill Heverly
    Apr 1, 2008
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      As an old Burroughs guy, you probably don't want to hear this but Linux has some support from a big gun. IBM offers Linux on their mainframe systems. Even though I too am an old Burroughs guy, I think that is pretty big gun support.
      Bill AB3DT
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      Hi Terry,
      Thanks for putting this in the proper perspective - I agree on everything you have said except for one thing.  I have been watching LINUX try to grow to a full blown OS for many years and while it is superior for specific characteristics I don't think I will hold my breath until it matures.  I have my doubts that it ever will - it seems to lack the management drive that it takes to make a single entity that does it all.  Right or Wrong if it can't at least do what MS OSs (including device support) do then it will never be a big box competitor.
      I hope I am wrong about LINUX because I truly believe it could be king of the hill with the right direction, management and stability, but that has yet to happen.
      73, Ray, N0FY

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      --- In softrock40@yahoogro ups.com, "Alan Melia" <Alan.Melia@ ...>
      > Hi I am a little amused, that it seems to be the case that one
      should have
      > to spend $300 to run a $15 radio. I can appreciate that developers
      > enough hastle because the latest OS is not downwards
      compatible.. ...but many
      > of us refuse to buy even more bug-ridden software, when the one we
      have does
      > the vast majority of our tasks. So what are the options for
      Linux ?? my next
      > move because I want to run a computer not "media centre", and I am
      > that some new apps and hw is not going to work on old
      systems....the rip-off
      > conspiracy.
      > BTW I still have machines, doing what they were designed for, that
      are over
      > 15 years old now....working reliably running DOS 4.1....because the
      > apps wont run on a more modern machine..... ..and I dont get "blue
      > on them!
      > Alan G3NYK

      Regarding SDR on older computers: try simultaneously running a
      graphical user interface, and the DSP code necessary to decode and
      display CW or SSB on a 386 or 486. Without a dedicated DSP chip, you
      are in for a long wait. Over ten years ago, I wrote DOS-based code
      (in Turbo-C) that displayed an audio spectrum analyzer in a DOS-based
      VGA graphics display. All the DSP was done in either a homebrew
      Motorola 56000 board, or an EVM, with DMA data transfers over the old
      PC bus (homebrew), or fast serial port(EVM).

      I don't want to do that again. But, if you are staying DOS or Win-
      98, kiss the PC doing DSP goodbye. I still have three Moto 56000 EVM
      boards that I'd be glad to sell.

      Regarding Linux: There is some movement afoot there with SDR. There
      are a few programs that will work. Again, you must do a hardware
      upgrade to get the processing necessary to do DSP and on-screen

      I also have a couple 486 computers with Win98, and Win95, and DOS.
      Just in case I ever want to run my 56000 audio spec analyzer.

      But, I also have a working IBM 5-slot computer, and a spare.

      And, I have a working IMSAI CP/M system with Heath H19 terminal, and
      8-inch drives. I boot CP/M and run Wordstar every once in a while.
      How about a nice game of chess? Or the CP/M user-group Adventure?

      I also have two Altair 8800s, and an Altair turnkey (no front panel),
      plus a bunch of S100 boards. No power to them in about three years.

      I don't expect these computers to run SDR software either.

      And, I can still erase and burn 1702A to 2764 EPROMS. Go figure.

      Don't get me started with software. From CP/M, to DOS 1.x to 4.x, to
      the original flight simulator. I even had the paper tapes for Altair
      4k and 8k Basic. Anybody remember Lattice C, or Run-C? Or the CP/M

      But native SDR on a 4MHz Z80? Probably as likely as on a 266MHz 486.


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