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18101Re: Soldering technique

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  • Mike Yancey
    Feb 1, 2008
      I've used only a conventional soldering iron and lead solder (but
      small diameter).

      If, say, I'm going to do all of the SMT capacitors, I put a touch
      of solder on ONE of the pads for the caps - only enough to 'wet'
      the pad, or cover it. Then once that's done for all the caps,
      I hold each in place and just touch the iron to the end over the
      pre-soldered pad. Once they're all attached like this, it's easy
      to just go around and touch a tiny bit to the other ends.

      I've built an 80/40 successfully so far and I'm mid-way through
      the 20/30 - actually the 20/30 daughter card tests good.

      Similarly with the ICs, just pre-wet one pin, position the part
      and tack. Just so. I do try to 1) NOT spend too much time on
      each pin I touch and 2) if I hit a pin on IC1, I'll move on to
      IC2 and IC3 before I come back.

      Mike Yancey
      Dallas, Texas

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Larry W. Irwin Sr"
      <nekoshorty@...> wrote:

      > I am new to surface mount soldering and need some advice. I have
      > built two softrocks with no success. I "think" my smt soldering was ok
      > but I had mega-trouble getting good solder joints on the components
      > with leads. Does this mean that I should use a regular iron and solder
      > for those components?
      > Any advice would be appreciated.
      > Thanks & 73
      > Larry
      > WB4HLX
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