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17853No RX image rejection

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  • unmanagedtn
    Jan 21, 2008
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      On pin 1 (top left of U8) I have 4.9 volts! :(
      and on pen seven I have 2.48 volts :)

      I am testing things out now and had to pull this thread and info out
      of another topic....

      Tony does this mean that U8 needs to be replaced?

      I see the same things on both sides.


      > No RX image rejection results when one of the I / Q signals from the
      RXTX board is not getting to the stereo soundcard line-in input. The
      problem could be on the RXTX board, in the cable or at the soundcard.
      Also, if I and Q signal lines are shorted together no image rejection
      will be the result.
      > There have been a few cases of U8 failing when the RXTX board I / Q
      output signals were connected to a soundcard when an AC voltage
      difference existed between the soundcard ground and the ground on the
      RXTX board. Please check the DC voltages at pins 1 and 7 of U8 to see
      if the two pins are still at about 2.5 volts with reference to circuit >
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