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17188how about a SoftRock with build in audio processor?

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  • Bob Zinn
    Jan 1, 2008
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      I built the SoftRock RXTX 80/40 over the holidays and have been
      playing with it using an old laptop for the processing.

      I started looking for a better audio processor and ran across this

      He used a USB DAC module for a specific purpose but looking at the
      board, it occurred to me that it would be easy to modify it (like
      un-ground the inputs) to build my own USB DAC to use with the SoftRock.

      Then it dawned on me that it would be even better to go one step
      further and build the DAC _into_ the SoftRock and get RID of the audio
      cables and module entirely.

      Yes, it would require a bit of redesign of the board and soldering a
      few more SMDs, but they were really much easier to solder than I
      expected. :)

      It would raise price a bit, but bandwidth can be optimized and noise
      level reduced. Seems like a win, all the way around. With a bit more
      thought, full control of the SoftRock can probably be accomplished via
      the same USB line.

      Am I missing a 'downside'?

      73 de N5bz
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