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16597Re: Daughter board on SR 15/17m

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  • Paul Kiciak
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Hi Jose,

      >Can your give me some more suggestions.

      Not much. You could check voltages, I suppose,
      to see if they make sense. I don't know why
      the oscillator would quit with six turns.

      It seems that something is wrong since you
      report the frequency isn't stable but that
      depends on the range that you see too.

      As I say, I have had no experience with the
      17/15m kit so can't contribute much more.

      I did do a little work at 10m with
      a 112 MHz oscillation frequency. That had
      fewer turns yet and think I switched to an
      air core inductor. In any case, the oscillator
      shouldn't stop with six turns as you report,
      so it appears there is something wrong in the

      Paul N2PK
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