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16589Re: Daughter board on SR 15/17m

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  • Paul Kiciak
    Dec 1, 2007
      Hi Jose,

      > Paul I do not have the crystal for 17m however
      > i do have two crystal for 15m 28060 and 28224.
      > What would be the recommended tuning frequency
      > please.

      For 15m operation only, I'd recommend tuning
      the tank with the 1000 pF capacitor across the
      selected crystal to about 3*28150 = 84450 kHz
      within about 500 kHz.

      I suppose you could also probe one of the 74AC74
      outputs and then you would be looking for about
      21100 kHz within about 125 kHz.

      > I'm afraid some transistor is again not working
      > because I get 48000 to 50000 not stable and
      > 62000 with the 1k capacitor.

      62 MHz with the capacitor is too low. I'd guess
      you will have to take a turn or two off the inductor
      before you can tune it to 84.45 MHz by moving the
      turns about on the core.

      Hopefully after that, the frequency will be stable
      with the crystals that you have.

      Paul N2PK
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