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1589Re: [softrock40] AMD free chips

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  • Bill Dumke
    Dec 4, 2005
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      I believe the SoftRock 40 PCB was done that way, and I am impressed with
      the quality of the PCB.

      Bill WB5TCO

      FRANCIS CARCIA wrote:

      > Check out "expressPCB". They provide layout software and turn around
      > product in about 3 days after you send them the file and a credit card
      > number. High quality stuff
      > for a good price. I know a number of people who use them. All happy
      > customers. gfz
      > */David Willmore <willmore@...>/* wrote:
      > > What software did you use to layout the board?
      > I use Eagle for all schematic capture and layout I do.
      > > I have a professional version of EagleCAD 6.xx that a friend
      > that was
      > > going out of business gave me, but I have not learned it yet. I
      > also
      > > own a copy of Beige Bag Spice, it will transfer it's schematics to
      > > EagleCAD, a little time saver there. I've been using PhotoShop to
      > > create art by hand but that gets old with complicated boards or
      > were
      > > major changes are required. I have played with the EagleCAD
      > software
      > > sample boards, and it auto-routing seems to do a very good job
      > but I
      > > have no clue how difficult it is to control the routing.
      > I had to do a lot of manual routing as Eagle seems to have little
      > idea of single point grounding, ground loops, etc. But, for a little
      > board like this, it wasn't too bad. I'm sure the next one will be
      > easier.
      > > There are a whole bunch of free PCB CAD packages out there, most
      > with
      > > a 80mm X 100mm board limit, the only free software that I have
      > played
      > > a little with is CirCAD and it will allow for boards that are
      > bigger
      > > than I could possibly ever use, and allow multi-layer boards.
      > I've tried a few different programs and I found many of them to be
      > either impossible to use without way too much time invested in
      > learning
      > them or to be so limited in features as to be almost useless. Eagle
      > seemed to be a good combination. I do have the commercial version of
      > Eagle, so I'm not limited to the tiny default board size though it
      > would have been completely sufficient for this board. With 1208
      > parts and other SMT parts, you can stuff a lot on the board.
      > > Is there a CAD package you recommend? Everybody feel free to
      > throw in
      > > your opinion. Mind you I have EagleCAD V6.xxx with no board size
      > > limit, and can do multi-layers if needed.
      > Use whatever you like and which lets you get work done! :)
      > Cheers,
      > David n0ymv
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