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1532Re: [softrock40] Re: AMD free chips

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  • David Willmore
    Dec 1, 2005
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      > BTW I have received 9850,51 as well as 8307 from AD as samples. Sure
      > would like to put them to good use.

      Well, then, order a DDS-60 for each of the DDS chips. For the
      9850's, order up the LPF parts from the original DDS board and,
      while you're at it, order up a 100MHz metal can oscillator
      module for each one, too. :)

      The DDS-60 should work just fine with a 9850 and the older
      LPF values. If you use the supplied 30MHz oscillator,
      you're going to need even lower LPF values (larger values,
      actually) and it'll only output up to 10MHz, but there's a
      lot of HF spectra below 10MHz. :)

      Hey, thinking of it, has anyone tried to hook up a DDS-60
      as the 4x clock source to a SoftRock? That should give you
      up to 20M coverage. :)

      David n0ymv
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