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11694Re: [softrock40] Re: softrock with dds -tell me more

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  • Dan
    Jun 3, 2007
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      This sounds similar to the idea of using the Softrock to demodulate
      the IF from another radio, like at 10.7 MHz. (I always liked the idea
      of doing that, ever since I picked up a spectrum display unit years
      ago for my IC-R7000 receiver that used the 10.7 MHz IF output.) If the
      Softrock (or other SDR) is used that way, you can have a very robust
      front-end and tuner, and all the bells and whistles of having the
      computer do the demodulation/spectrum display/etc for you.

      On 6/3/07, Chris Albertson <chrisalbertson90278@...> wrote:
      > ...But I'm thinking now that maybe multiple conversion is better.
      > Do the basic tuning by the "normal" method and end at an IF
      > that an SR40 can operate well at.
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