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11055Re: RXTXv6.1 kits status March 31.

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  • ltj_designs
    May 6, 2007
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      1. optional circuit at the first FF (JP1 pin 2) to drive the board
      with a DDS60. The curcuit needs 50 ohm load, coupling cap, and two
      100K bias resistors to set input at Vcc/2.

      2. PTT out goes 0 to 5 volts. Would like an option for open drain PTT

      3. On-board Xmit LED.

      Some day I would like to see a vfo and phase detector in place of the
      crystals for use with a DDS.

      Andy WA3LTJ

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "kb9yig" <raparks@...> wrote:
      > Good Morning All,
      > With recent RXTXv6.1 kit orders and shipments I am now down to
      > 100 RXTXv6.1 kits left. If interest in the kit continues a second
      > of the kits will be made with a version 6.2 circuit board. Changes
      > the v6.1 circuit board to the v6.2 circuit board will included
      > of unused component locations as well as other possible design
      > One possibility is to change the oscillator circuit to an overtone
      > oscillator circuit so that a 20m kit could be offered.
      > I would be quite interested in thoughts group members might have
      > concerning a second run of the RXTX kits.
      > Thanks and 73,
      > Tony KB9YIG
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